Natalie & Ryan

07/05/25 | Black Canyon Inn

Natalie and Ryan, I can't really express how thrilled I am that Amanda put us in touch. She mentioned to me that film is important to you and and I can't wait to tell you all about what I love about film and see what you two have planed for your guests.

Artifacts and traditions are important to me. I've spent the last 20 years recording them for people and it has brought me immeasurable joy seeing all the sweet embraces, family rituals, and personal vows. You two will make big promises to each other, my promise is to pay attention and participate as any of your friends would.


Adam Houseman

Super 8mm Film

Super 8mm is one of my favorite mediums. I love its versatility and the ease with which I can tell the story of your day. Nothing conjures up a memory like reliving it through the magic of moving pictures. I don't know quite what it is, maybe it is the imperfect nature of the tiny film, the little scratches and spots of dust flying by the screen, or the shakiness, whatever it is I find it captivating and hope you will too. I always shoot every event with 2 or 3 cameras, substituting one out for a Super 8 works seamlessly with my workflow. If you've been on the fence about hiring a videographer and just haven't liked what you've seen, or you aren't sure if you want 4 more cameras at the wedding, perhaps something a little less tech and more feel is what you need.

Steven & Gigi

Super 8mm Wedding Film

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  • 8 hours wedding coverage with Adam Houseman
  • Online gallery for sharing with friends and family and ordering printed products
  • Film and digital capture. 100-150 fully finished 5X7 photographs from the film take
  • 500-700 fully finished digital images with reproduction and sharing rights


Super 8mm film: 5-7 minute moving picture shot on real Super 8mm film. Color or Black and White available


We require a 50% retainer to book with the remaining balance due 30 days prior to the event. Alternatively, if you opt to pay in full at the time of booking you will save $500 on photography and $500 on super 8mm.

Okay we love it, now what?

Let's set up a call or zoom to connect. Or, if you two are near Denver we can always grab a happy hour or coffee as well. I can't wait to hear your stories and what you two have planned for everyone.


Adam Houseman